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Southern Steel Supplies
is a subsidiary of
Adsteel Brokers Pty Ltd.

Through the Adsteel company we have an extensive network of supply sources both interstate and overseas for a wide range of steel products. Adsteel represents several steel mills for import into the Australian market. We have experience dealing directly with steel mills overseas and can arrange for direct shipment / delivery into any main port in Australia.

Southern Steel Supplies trades in many types of steel products from semi finished products to sophisticated end user products. It would be impractical to describe all of the steel products we trade in this website. We have listed some information about our most traded products.

  • Tubular ( RHS and SHS )
  • Plate ( Gr250 , 350 , 1045 ) Slab , QT plate
  • Structural Sections
  • Merchant Bar
  • Sheet & Coil
  • Sheet Piling

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